Work With Me & Full Disclosure

If you want to work with me in any way please feel free to get in touch using the form below. I don’t mind if it’s an idea you have for a guest / joint blog post, a product you want me to check out, an activity or event you want me to attend, a movie you want me to see, an interview you’d like to give… Anything at all, just get in touch – what’s the worst I can say?

I will add for full disclosure for anyone who wants to work with me and also for anyone reading my articles and wondering how truthful they are… Whether I get an item for free or pay for it myself, what you will get is a completely subjective and honest review. Even if you send me a product and I don’t like it, I will put that message across. Any time I do get a product for free or am sponsored in some way to write about it, I will put a disclosure at the top of that page to say in what capacity I am writing the article. An example of this is below:

Disclosure: This is a gifted item I received from xxx, however the experience I have had with the item and my feelings about it are 100% my own and genuine.

On the subject of disclosure, I display adverts on my site for companies such as EMP, Sky, Zavvi etc which are offered through Awin on an affiliate basis. I however do endorse any of the companies which I advertise through Awin and either use their products and / or services myself or like their products and ethics.

If you’re confident in your product and want me to take a look please do get in touch with me using the form below:

The types of items which would be appropriate for my attention are below. Please do not send anything else as I may not be interested in those and as such the review may not be what you’re after.

  • Designer toys
  • Action figures
  • Collectibles
  • Blind packaged toys
  • Film & television merchandise
  • Streamed media
  • DVD & Blu Ray
  • Mystery boxes
  • Subscription boxes
  • Horror merchandise
  • Pop culture publications
  • Art work
  • Comics
  • Pop culture apparel
  • Video games (Playstation 4 only)
  • Board and card games
  • Sci-fi merchandise
  • Fantasy merchandise
  • Nerdy kids stuff (I’ve got a little one who can help with kids reviews)

If there’s anything we can work on together what so ever, give me a shout! I’m always happy to have a chat with people over opportunities.