Nerd News: Playmobil A-Team Van Teaser

Playmboil recently posted a little teaser video showing that an A-team van was coming in the near future, and it’s now already available to pre-order from JustGeek through their website at just £69.99, and if their Delorean is anything to go by then this vehicle should for sure make it in to your collection! This […]

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Every Funko Playmobil Figure They Made

The Funko x Playmobil crossover is a vaulted line which was only produced in 2016 and contains just 12 figures, which is such a HUGE shame because I personally absolutely love these figures. Playmobil is cool anyway and is getting more and more of a hold on the collectibles market, but these figures took the […]

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Nerd News: Back to the Future Range Expands with playmobil

Wow, well this is both annoying and embarrassing – I can’t believe that I missed this release at the start of the month! Being a proud owner myself of the Playmobil DeLorean (which i for some reason still haven’t reviewed) and having reviewed the Back to the Future advent calendar, I do actually really love […]

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Playmobil Back to the Future Advent Calendar

Last year I had a Funko calendar which was really cool, but this year I wanted to try out something else, so I went for the Playmobil Back to the Future one instead.  It looked like a really cool product and I got it from their official website at the same time as picking up […]

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I hadn’t really been in to Playmobil much, although I must say that it does look like they’re trying to appeal a lot more to an adult market… They’re slowly reeling me in! I have just purchased the Back to the Future advent calendar so keep an eye out for that one at the end […]

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Nerd News: Playmobil Release Back to the Future Advent Calendar

Available now from the official website (below) is a very cool advent calendar, which surley is one to look out for this year to rival the Funko and Lego ones we are all accustomed to? Playmobil do a huge range of calendars ranging from a nativity scene or farm through to a stunt show or […]

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