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The Nun

The films from the conjuring universe have always had a reputation for being very scary so they’re not generally films which I’d watch with my wife, who isn’t a huge horror fan. The nun is one of those films, and from the trailer it defiately looks like it […]

Die Hard 2

This is the second installment of the action franchise which spans 5 films in total (although if you ask some of the more hardcore fans, they’ll tell you that there are just 3 films, or 4 at a push), and it’s much the same ass kicking greatness as […]


There’s one thing which this review is not going to make, I can assure you of that – which is that I don’t like this movie…. AT ALL! When I think of 80s fantasy I think of cheesy effects, terrible hair, bad acting and awful story lines, and […]

Die Hard

Who doesn’t know who John McClane is, and if you’re reading this because you’re considering whether or not to watch Die Hard for the first time, what the hell sort of rock have you been living under? If you want to talk classic action movies…. Movies about rogue […]