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Nerd News: Funko Pride Pops

Funko have teamed up with an organisation called It Gets Better in support of the LGBTQ+ community, and youths in particular. Funko have already made a donation to the cause and these figures are a celebration of individuality. There are 3 pops altogether including spongebob, batman and hello […]

The Nun Review

The films from the conjuring universe have always had a reputation for being very scary so they’re not generally films which I’d watch with my wife, who isn’t a huge horror fan. The nun is one of those films, and from the trailer it defiately looks like it […]

John Wick Review

The third John Wick movie fairly recently came out on general release and I started reviewing the franchise at that point as it was most relevant at that time, however I did mention that I would come back to this. If you want to see why you should […]