Category: Horror

The Nun

The films from the conjuring universe have always had a reputation for being very scary so they’re not generally films which I’d watch with my wife, who isn’t a huge horror fan. The nun is one of those films, and from the trailer it defiately looks like it […]

3 From Hell

I love movies by Rob Zombie, and the first 2 films from the Devil’s Rejects series are 2 of my absolute favourite movies. On top of that Sid Haig was an absolute legend (may he rest in peace), Bill Moseley is an absolute master of crazy in horror […]


I’m a huge Rob Zombie fan, whether it’s his movies, music or artwork, so maybe this is going to be a little biased towards that (although I must say it’s not always the case as I can’t stand Lords of Salem). Having said that, and this was difficult […]