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Nerd News: A New Wave of Funko Soda are Coming Soon

I still don’t own any Funko Soda figures and I really need to change that… maybe this new set which is coming soon will be the perfect opportunity to change that. Each one has a chase version and one of them is VERY cool! This awesome chase is the one for Shredder. It’s done in the retro blacklight style which we just had some Marvel ones for, and I think they seriously need to think about a full set of blacklight turtles figures! For this figure as a whole there are 12,500 however I’m not sure how many are chases. It’s a shame to see the run numbers of these slowly creeping up now just like the pops did.

Another figure which has a run of 12,500 is the latest member of Kiss to become a soda figure – Star Child, who has a glow in the dark chase. I think that these have the best looking cans of the whole range.

The final too are a 10,000 piece samurai jack as well as a 15,000 piece Chucky.

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