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Nerd News: Funko to Produce Hasbro and Mattel Retro Toy Figures

This is a line which overall I think is a great idea and which I can totally get behind, although there are a few which I think maybe look a little bit too generic. The Stretch Armstrong for example looks like a slightly tweaked version of the Fallout Strength perk figure and the Barbie ones could probably just as well be from the Good place or Legally Blonde. I do like the concept though and some are very cool looking.

So the Barbie ones are of course the mattel license, with 3 different variations being produced.

From Hasbro there are a lot more options. From the pops for example there are 2 versions of Stretch Armstrong, 2 versions of Zartan, Shipwreck, a Glow Worm, Mr Potato Head and the guy from Operation. With mr Potato Head we will also be getting a 10″ Target exclusive with his face all messed up.

Mr Potato Head and Stretch Armstrong have also got a pocket pop key chain each coming out.

Finally there is also a full set of mystery minis which for the base set include shipwreck, G I Joe, Stretch Armstrong, Glow Worm, 3 Potato Heads, the Operation guy, My Pet Monster, Play-Doh Pete, Cobra and a Cobra soldier. The speciality series has variants of Potato Head, G I Joe and the Glow Worm (which is a glow in the dark). Finally there is a Target exclusive series which includes a flocked My Pet Monster, another Potato Head variant and Mr Monopoly!

These are already available for pre-order from pop in a box using the link below for an estimated November 2020 release:

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