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Nerd News: “Lost Universe”, a New Online Pop Culture Retailer

I got an email today from MenKind as part of their newsletter to let me know of their new friends Lot Universe, opening a new collectables online shop. Both are part of the Gift Universe group so that make sense for them to promote them, and to be fair its a very similar company anyway! In that email they did have a 10% off code for Lost Universe so go sign up for the MenKind mailing list to get that.

It seems to stock the usual suspects so I think you’ll find something over there… On a first look I can see: Funko, collectable coins, plushies, loungefly, Deadpool mugs, Harry Potter temporary tattoos, Dragon eggs, green lanterns… and so on! Basically if you can find it on MenKind, it looks like you can find it here – something which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing. I for one like Menkind!

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