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Super Loot Original Stormtrooper Mystery Box Unboxing

I got this mystery box from my wife as a present and to be honest I had never heard of it before. I’ve heard of Super Loot of course but this is the first time I saw a Stormtrooper themed one and also the first time I had heard of the company Original Stormtrooper.

I didn’t know too much about it as it was a gift so that wasn’t really covered in the video below, so I’ll leave that for you to see what I got and put the other facts here!

These boxes cost £29.99 from Super Loot after they put those together with the help of the Original Stormtrooper, which is a shop in London, specialising in stormtrooper helmets and merchandise cast from the original stormtrooper armours.

These boxes contain 6 to 7 stormtrooper themed items as well as a licensed original stormtrooper t-shirt. I didn’t realise at the time of opening (which makes it a little more special) that these were limited to just 100 boxes. I am surprised though that with only 100 having been made, at the time of writing this Super Loot still had 70 left in stock on their website. I absolutely love stormtroopers and this is a really well priced mystery box – so I’m really surprised that it hasn’t sold out as I saw another unboxing video from a few months ago.

If you’re after one of these boxes head over to super loot while stocks last:

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