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Nerd News: Stanley Hudson Vacation Funko Pop Out Now!

I’m actually not sure how old this pop is, I believe it came out with the rest of the wave earlier this year, although I could be wrong – maybe it is brand new! But the main reason it’s making it in to the news here is that it has just been announced again on the Funko twitter account, after Dwight with the stapler in jelly was again announced last week.

What makes this so unusual and why it is really annoying a few people is that Dwight with the princess unicorn which had all sorts of errors come up on the website when that dropped is still not available.

A lot of people are annoyed because there is zero communication about what is happening with it and there is no sign of it coming out any time soon, even though it was only supposed to get delayed for a week. Do the numbers actually exist for this pop? I know there are some as they sold in their retail locations and a few did sell online. Did they send too many to their stores? I don’t want to be that nerd culture conspiracy theory guy but on the Funko app this pop is now trending for £54 for a pop which should still be available at retail (it hasn’t officially sold out) at $15… Was that the plan?

The website has been absolutely fine ever since, even with new releases dropping since then… Ones with far more limited numbers.

In the UK the Office isn’t as big as it seems to be in the States, but is this show really that popular that a pop figure of which, let’s face it there were probably A LOT would crash the brand new site which Funko had just invested in? With a problem they didn’t have before and haven’t had since?

Of course they could be telling the truth and not replying because they’re really busy 😉

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