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Nerd News: Beavis & Butthead Reboot

This is some exciting news, as Beavis and Butthead are by no means dead and buried anyway – I was watching them on DVD just the other day and remember feeling a bit bummed out that they no longer had new ones coming out. I was watching the one where they find a baby bird and somehow get roped in to helping to rear it.

Just a couple of weeks later, this news pops up, and even better is that it is still being written and voiced by Mike Judge!

If you’ve not seen Beavis and Butthead you’ve been missing out and I’ve put a trailer below for their feature length movie. They are obnoxious and the comedy is infantile… But that’s why it works so damn well! Even Mike Judge himself said about the project, “It seemed like the time was right to get stupid again.”

Beavis and Butthead the two main metal head characters are still the focus of the new show but it has been rebooted with the two of them in a Gen Z world… if like me you had to Google that, its the post millennial generation world. They’ve not made it clear yet though whether those 2 characters are being reinvented in to this world or whether they are now adults, having to deal with those millennials.

We don’t know yet when this is coming to Comedy Central but I can’t wait, and I really hope that they don’t re-stylize them too much, either in themselves or in the way they are animated. We don’t want to see a clean slick version of the show!

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