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Nerd News: Pop in a Box Turns 6 – Amongst Celebrations is a Very Limited Deadpool / Venom Funko Pop

I don’t usually get too excited by Marvel exclusive pops, and I wasn’t even with this Pop in a Box exclusive which is half deadpool and half venom. Usually they make a boat load of them, put them in sale and they sit there for ages… This one however is different. Pop in a Box are kicking off their birthday at 17:00 BST (09:00 PST) on 1st July with this Funko pop which will be available for just 1 hour…

…Now you’ve got me interested!

They’re going to be celebrating for the whole of July, with this one being a bonus addition to 3 exclusives they have already hinted at, with there being 2 more Marvel exclusives as well as a Disney one. They hinted that there could be more, as well as epic sales and more! All over at Pop in a Box!

I’m not the biggest fan of their subscription service but for buying pops, they’re one of the best companies around! Although I’m still waiting for the Shelfie Saturday pop I won to arrive 😉

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