ZBox Unboxing (with Video)

This is just a short post to accompany the you tube video which I did of the unboxing of this ZBox, which I received for fathers day this year. The ZBox is a monthly geeky subscription box which costs £19.99 for a single box, or if you sign up for a full year you can get the price down to £16.99 per box.

It always has a similar format which is an exclusive t-shirt (so you select the size) and then 4 to 7 other items to a value of £35 or more… So let’s see how we did (and I’m not just going to go by Zavvi prices)!

Wonder Woman T-Shirt

It’s not a bad t-shirt but not something I’d pick up for myself… Now that I have it, I’m sure I’ll wear it though! T-shirts on Zavvi tend to be between £14.99 and £17.99 and I’d be inclined to say that the value of this one is around that £14.99 mark.

Harry Potter Magnetic Notebook

I have absolutely zero interest or knowledge about Harry Potter. It’s a nice enough notebook but will be going to my wife. It has a value of £6.99

Star Wars Official Japor Snippet Necklace

With this one I have to use the Zavvi price as it’s a Zavvi exclusive which is usually £14.99 but currently is just £9.99, so that’s the price I’m going with. I’m going to be honest with you, the nicest thing about this is the box it came in. The necklace itself just feels really cheap (and that’s both the pendant and the chain)… I’m surprised its not work only about £4.99.

Star Wars Medal of Yavin Pin

This is again a Zavvi exclusive which is usually £14.99 but now £9.99 and you can see that its from about the same range as the necklace, although this one does feel better quality. I do like this – its a nice big chunky pin… I’d have liked to see the ribbon as part of the pin though.

I thought that the 4 to 7 products were on top of the t-shirt but that’s including the t-shirt so I don’t think we did that well on price to be honest this time…

…Ok so we did go above the £35 by about £7, so value wise it was good for £19.99 BUT the quality in the Star Wars items in this box just didn’t feel like £10 worth of quality each. The t-shirt I think really saved this box! To be honest if you compare to prices at places like HMV, £19.99 is almost the right price for that shirt, especially once you get the box price down to £16.99 you’re essentially buying a shirt with 3 to 6 free things with it.

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I'm a collector of pop culture items, with by far my biggest collection being in excess of 1,200 DVDs (yeah I still stay old school - can't wrap my head around the whole streaming thing yet), as well as various figures and Memorabilia (with most of these being McFarlane Walking Dead 5 inch figures, Funko Pop and Funko Pint Size Heroes, with a few other exceptions too). I'm a massive nerd and giant child at heart so feel free to have a chat about anything toy and movie related. My biggest movie passions are horror by far (especially slasher and zombie), sci fi and to a lesser extent action and comedy.

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