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Nerd News: Secret Cinema; Drive-In Add More Dates & Films!

The awesome new project by Secret Cinema to bring you back to their special blend of movie magic, but this time by inviting you to join them for a drive in cinema experience, just got better… Much better! Not only have they added more dates for American Psycho, Fight Club, Rush, Dirty Dancing, Knives Out and Reservoir Dogs, which had been announced before, but they’ve added some new movies too!

Also now added to the line up are:

  • Black panther
  • Star wars: the force awakens
  • Die hard
  • The greatest showman
  • Jojo rabbit
  • Deadpool
  • Aladdin
  • Avengers: infinity war
  • Behemian rhapsody
  • Thor: ragnorok
  • The lion king
  • Star wars: the empire strikes back
  • Frozen
  • Beauty and the beast
  • Guardians of the galaxy
  • Le mans ’66 (ford vs ferrari)

I don’t know about you but with Die Hard already being one of the best films ever made, which absolutely oozes 80s USA… so is there any better setting for enjoying that master piece?

Click below for tickets:

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