The Child (Baby Yoda to me & you) 10 Inch Funko Pop Review (Video)

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There’s not an awful lot which I can really say about this pop which wasn’t already said in the YouTube video below. The main reason for this is that the main thing to say about this thing is that it is absolutely massive, and I can’t possibly over state that fact! It is wider than you average actual child!

But the second thing is that it is also stuck in a box which has been sealed with tape which means that I am not going to remove it from said box to show any close up photos of this gorgeous monster of a pop… Although I still haven’t found anywhere to put it!

How big is the child 10 inch Funko pop from the Mandalorian box?

43cm wide x 21cm deep x 33.5cm high

Love this figure which is exclusive to Tesco, and at £30 I think its actually one of the most reasonably priced pops on the market right now… You get a LOT of high quality painted plastic here for £30… much more than you get for the common one at a fraction of the size but still £10… I compare the two in the video so you can see how much bigger this monster is!

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