Nerd News: Bugs Bunny Funko Pops Coming Soon

A set of 5 different Bugs Bunny funko pop figures (including one very strange looking one where they seem to be trying to mimic the style of Futura after the Star Wars success he had) are going to be coming out soon to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Looney Tunes most well known character.

The strange paint finish one will be a Funko shop exclusive, while the king and superman ones will also be exclusives but I could not see details of where at the moment as they showed the special edition, overseas exclusive sticker.

What do you think of this one? Let me know in the comments. Personally I really don’t like it and feel like this one and the Jack Skellingtons they announced last month are trying to replicate the success of the Futura Star Wars pops and failing miserably!

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I'm a collector of pop culture items, with by far my biggest collection being in excess of 1,200 DVDs (yeah I still stay old school - can't wrap my head around the whole streaming thing yet), as well as various figures and Memorabilia (with most of these being McFarlane Walking Dead 5 inch figures, Funko Pop and Funko Pint Size Heroes, with a few other exceptions too). I'm a massive nerd and giant child at heart so feel free to have a chat about anything toy and movie related. My biggest movie passions are horror by far (especially slasher and zombie), sci fi and to a lesser extent action and comedy.

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