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Nerd News: NECA Announce Some New Back to the Future Products

NECA have just announced a few new products based on Back to the Future, however they are in some cases still just concepts and may change pending license approval, but they’ve got a really nice cross section of items joining their range!

The first speaks for itself and is possibly one of the most iconic cinematic vehicles of all time. It is of course the time machine in the form of a Delorean in 6 inch die cast form! This car is set for a September 2020 release.

In a similar realistic style is a very cool 7 inch action figure of Marty McFly complete with electric guitar, skate board, backpack and video camera. It also has an interchangeable head, all sold in a display box, slated for an August 2020 release:

Finally some thing a little bit different… 3 of the popular characters from this franchise in Toony Classics form, so very stylised and in a 6 inch format. The 3 available are Doc (with Einstein and a remote control), Marty (with a guitar and hover board) and Biff (with an interchangeable head). Again this is due for an August 2020 release.

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