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Nerd News: Kid Robot Team up with Hello Kitty and Team USA for new Vinyl Toy Range

On the surface is there a connection between Team USA, the collective US force of sports and Hello Kitty, the Japanese epitome of cute? No there isn’t…. is there?


Combine them as a new set of vinyl toys as part of a new range of blind box figures and Kid Robot really have something there!

Something which this company has always been very good at is combining deceptively simple figure designs with amazing artwork, and I think this is one of the things which sets it apart from the bigger boys at Funko, to actually make something where really puts the art in art toys and design in designer toys.

All your favourite sports are represented and its a really nice way to celebrate the athletic prowess of your nation… I’d love to see a British company tackle something similar with Team GB!

So that you can combine this passion for your favorite sports and your favorite Japanese cutie pie, and of course your favorite designer toy company all in one package, they have some cool key-rings as well which turn Hello Kitty’s head in to various balls.

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