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Nerd News: E3, GameStop and Funko Collaboration Leads to Some Amazing Gaming Pops!

Funko yesterday announced a new set of Game pop figures in the wake of the cancelled E3 2020 show and will be exclusive to GameStop, and some of them are absolutely incredible. I’d go as far as saying that here we have some of the best game pops ever produced, and I can’t wait to see them! They are available from GameStop now.

Possibly the best one is Tyrael from Diablo – everything about it from the sculpt to the pose is amazing and I want this in my collection!

This pop along with Handsome Jack from Borderlands, Skull Trooper from Fortnite and Shegorath from the Elder Scrolls V are all standard sized pops and look like they’ll be selling for $12 each (sorry the GameStop site isn’t working for me, maybe because I’m in the UK? so am having to gather prices from elsewhere):

There’s also going to be a $19 pop though which is a supersized version of Leshen from the Witcher: Wild Hunt, and again just like Tyrael it is absolutely stunning!

There is also an option to buy them as a bundle for $67 which is also the answer to the question how much would it cost me to buy all of these separately… Surely the point of a bundle is to save some cash, no?

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