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Nerd News: Funko Celebrate Front Line Workers

A few weeks ago funko made some artwork which celebrated front line workers and a lot of people said that they would buy those doctors pops… well, here they are! A set of 4 medical professionals and then look amazing. I love the figures and I love the concept!

For me the gesture is good enough but they have also made a donation (they haven’t said how much, but even ¬£50 is more than most companies have given) to Global Giving to allow the money to be used to support front line workers projects around the world.

These can be pre ordered through Amazon, entertainment earth, hot topic and box lunch… with the latter 2 also giving all profits to charity!

Some people have complained that they could have made a bigger donation, that funko are profiting, that the figures don’t show other front line workers and so on… you just can’t please everyone and I say, well done funko. I get that they are a symbol and I can’t wait to see if I can get hold of the set in the UK to proudly one day sit alongside the fireman rescuing the koala when that arrives.

Some times you do things I don’t agree with funko, but things like this… this shows why you’re top of your game right now!

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