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Nerd News: Even More Funkoween in May Announcements Including Marvel Zombies & Disney Pops

The announcements coming about Funkoween in May this year are throwing up some amazing designs across a range of different products, with most of these seemingly being billed for a release around the end of August. Let’s have a look at Marvel first!

They already announced a big load of Marvel Zombies Funko pops and mystery minis, but now to join some of those pops there are some incredible t-shirt designs… I think I’m in love! They’re all amazing!

Next up we’ve got some amazing designs to celebrate the Haunted Mansion at Disney Parks, including a set of glitter pops, of which 2 are not only glittery but also glow in the dark. I don’t know much about these characters but the pops look incredible… Although I must say not as incredible as the Disney exclusive organ player… I might need to get that one!

If we’re talking Disney at Halloween, who’s still missing? That lovable lot from the Nightmare Before Christmas of course with the mayor (including a chase version), a few different Skellington Jacks including a Hot Topic exclusive with a graffiti style pattern all over and a 10@ glow in the dark exclusive to Walgreens, Santa Clause and Sally. If you want oogie boogie there is a diamond collection pop and pocket pop exclusive to Hot Topic while a glow in the dark pop is exclusive to Box Lunch.

Finally we finish off with some mystery minis which look like they’re all exclusive to Walgreens which includes Sally, Jack and a Pumpkin along with a glow in the dark oogie boogie, glow in the dark Zero and flocked Jack.

As there have been a lot of Disney pops, they couldn’t round it out without a really cute pair of pops in the form of Halloween Mickey and Minnie!

Finally they announced a 3 set which will be available both as 3 individual boxes or as a boxed triple pack, exclusive to BAM… It is of course the 3 witches from Hocus Pocus:

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