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Nerd News: USA Network Cancels the Purge

I’m still catching up on this series having recently reviewed the excellent season 1 and am as I write this on episode 9 of season 2. USA Network and Blumhouse Productions have however just announced that there will be no season 3, and as Blumhouse Productions is the USA Network it doesn’t look like it is likely to just get moved somewhere else. I’d love to see someone take the tv franchise and run with it.

The main reason for this cancellation appears to have been because USA Network want to change their programming content with a shift towards unscripted shows, such as talk shows and reality television as well as more live events. This is also why the Bourne spinoff show Treadstone was cancelled at the same time.

However there was also a dramatic decline in viewer numbers for season 2 and while I am still watching the show with 2 episodes left, I can see how that happened.

The fan base for Purge is one which enjoys horror, suspense, theatrics, outlandish outfits and of course over the top violence… The second season was a drama show for the vast majority of it. It lacked everything which makes the Purge… the Purge! At least for a good 70% or so of the show. I can’t say I’m surprised at the news and wished in my review of season 1 that they would take the show and make it even more like the movies, but instead they went the other direction.

A real shame, but as I said not necessarily a surprise.

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