ZBox & My Geek Box from Pop in a Box UK Unboxing (with video)

You’ve got 2 choices here depending on whether you’re more interested in reading what’s in the box or seeing it on video… Which ever you chose will have spoilers for the other… it’s the same boxes 😉 So I’ll give you a little background first about these boxes and then have the video below, before you get to the list of what I found!

Also just to pre-warn you, this was my first YouTube video and whilst I have by this time already recorded my second one which is better, they’re still not perfect and I think it’s going to take a few videos for me to find my style so stick with me on this one!

The ZBox is produced by Zavvi and then there’s the My Geek Box, but I purchased both of them in a sale from Pop in a Box UK… They were £9.99 each so very cheap and presumably a way for My Geek Box and Zavvi to get rid of some over stock! This makes sense getting the merch out to other audiences as all 3 companies are owned by subscription box distribution company the Hug group.

So What was in the Boxes?


Godzilla T-Shirt

I can’t find this exact some t-shirt anywhere else but I’m going to put a value of about £13.99 on it based on what similar t-shirts cost. There wasn’t a label with a manufacturer but it’s a really nice quality shirt with an awesome design… I’ve worn it a couple of times since!

Attack on Titan Badges

I don’t know anything about Attack on Titan so these didn’t interest me one bit to be honest but I can see that this set of 6 badges retails for about £3.99.

Pokemon Plush Master Ball

I’m also not a big Pokemon fan but we’ve got a couple of little fans in the family so this will be a nice bonus present for my niece on her birthday. It’s a nice quality plush which retails for about £7.99.

Fairy Tail (Carla) Funko Pop

With UK prices for pops you always need to be a bit careful as they are based on the trends in the States if you use something like the Funko app. For example with many of the Funko shop exclusives, tyr finding them here for the prices they are listed at. If I was to buy this pop in the UK (and I have no idea where it’s from) you’d be spending about £8.29… I’m trying to get a retail value for this box.

Kill Bill Socks

I’ve got 2 pairs of these as I got a pair free on black Friday as well last year. It looks like they’re a loot crate exclusive and as a result if you buy them online (Amazon for example) you can look at paying up to about £17.99 for a pair! That’s a crazy amount for some socks and I have to say they’re not even that comfy… they’re pretty tight.

Death Note Mug

This is another Loot Crate exclusive and it turns out it’s actually a heat reacting mug which changes with a hot drink in. It’s a very cool mug which I’m going to stick in the cupboard, worth about £6.99.


Who’d have though that the big hit in this box would be the Kill Bill socks!

I didn’t pay full price for this, I got them in a sale for £9.99 so I almost made my money back on socks! The usual price for this box however is however a £19.99 monthly subscription, with some back issues being available for as much as £22.99. However I am not clear if this is a usual box as it was sold as the My Geek Box gift box, which they did say could contain absolutely anything! Did that include being packaged in what ever box they could find as well?

So let’s just work off the £9.99 value in which case this box was well worth it as the contents at retail could be worth as much as £59.24! That’s a value of almost £50 more than I paid!

If you want to get your hands on one see if Pop in a Box still have them at the link below:


My Geek Box

Star Wars Beanie Hat

The first item out is one which I’m looking forward to wearing at the tail end of the year when the weather changes again. It’s a nice grey beanie hat with a red Jedi Order symbol on the front. It’s a really high quality officially licensed hat which retails at about £10 so right off the bat my box is paid for with an item which I actually want!

Star Wars Ceramic Travel Mug

I was quite surprised by the quality of this thing. It looks like any travel mug, which often are lightweight and plastic. I don’t really like using those but this actually feels like a proper mug which just comes with a silicone lid, so you could use it at home or in the office too! Again a super high quality item which i can use for the same price as the box itself – £9.99.

Ramen Sippy Cup

This is just a traditional style ramen take away pot but as a tiny plastic version which is a baby sippy cup. Now I took it out of the pack to give to my boy but it’s not great quality and the lid doesn’t fit that well as a result! So it’s fairly useless but a cute bit of fun which I can only see for sale here for an insane £60+ so I’ll just take the US dollar price and change the currency rather than actually converting it to take in to account shipping, so shall we call it £7.99 for this cup? It’s not worth more than that!

Spiderman Homecoming Calendar

I’m not going to dwell in this which I gave to my son to flick through and it has literally zero value! It is a Spiderman Homecoming official calendar (a small format one) from 2018. Absolute garbage (literally) worth £0.00.

Pink Power Ranger Funko Pop

This is the morphing exclusive pink power ranger which is clear and sparkly so looks pretty cool, but it’s just not something which I would include in my collection and which I collect already. Being a pop and a style I’d never seen in person before I was actually quite surprised to see that it was only worth £4 according to the Funko app.


I paid £9.99 for this box. If you want to get your hands on this price for this box head over to Pop in a Box UK using the link below to see if they still have it!


It’s usually £19.99 but even at that price I’d say that the value of this one was pretty good. If you got it at the normal date it was due out, then the calendar wouldn’t have been an issue, it would have been for the right year – these are back issues of these boxes so might be (as this showed) over 2 years old… Which does however make for some cool nostalgia items from a few years ago.

Going by the normal retail value of everything which was in the box, it was all worth about £31.98 by today’s value, so was still a pretty nice value for money box on this occasion!

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