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Nerd News: Super Plastic Icy Grape Super Kranky

If you haven’t seen the art of Sket One you’ve been missing out, and here you have the latest of his collaborations with super plastic, on an 8 inch Super Kranky figure. These are based on spray paint cans as a nod to their street art heritage and the colours which this artist uses are just out of this world… Bright, clean and vibrant don’t even come close to actually describing how awesome they are!

The lid actually comes off to show a realistic nozzle and it even rattles when you shake it, but there’s no paint inside… they’re just a couple of very cool touches which allow them to easily justify the price tag of £74 if ordering from the UK (plus shipping and import duty of course).

They made just 700 and the kranky figures usually sell pretty quick, so don’t wait too long to order yous below:

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