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Nerd News: Secret Cinema is Coming to you with Secret Sofa

Secret Cinema are the undisputed kings of immersive cinematic experiences and I LOVED our trip to their Stranger Things event in the winter.

They’ve decided to try and make quarantine a little more bearable by bringing their cinematic worlds to you once a week for the next 8 weeks… drawing on some of their amazing previous films. If that’s going to be the case I’m looking forward to stranger things again, 28 days later and star wars.

Sign up to their newsletter at the link below and join them every Friday at 7:30pm with them sending you details of the film as well as ideas of how to bring the film experience in to your home with snack and decorative ideas! They’ve teamed up with Hasgen-Dazs so there’s certainly plenty of ice cream involved!

This week they seem to be starting with the Grand Budapest Hotel, so I’ll be joining them next week depending on what they bring to your living room next. The new movie announcement is going to be in your inbox every Tuesday.

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