11 Best Shows to Binge Watch While Social Distancing

The world has been turned upside down by the current coronavirus outbreak and in many countries there are social distancing and self isolation rules and recommendations in place. The majority of people are sticking to these, but it’s by no means easy. We are however lucky that we live in an age where most things can be streamed online or through a set-top-box, and if all else fails you can still rely on places like Amazon and eBay having sellers sending out DVDs.

So to try and keep you sane, there are plenty of shows which you can binge watch and help those hours indoors go by!

This isn’t going to be the usual list though filled with Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy… This is my own list… what I would recommend to you, so you might know a few of these shows, or some might be new to you – I just hope I can help keep you entertained.

If you’ve got any suggestions PLEASE enter them below… Let’s keep the world’s eyes busy!

Blood Drive

Do you love mindless violence, gore, a ridiculous but enthralling story line, relatively good special effects with great make up, all mixed up with a (mostly) young and sexy cast? Yeah? me too! So there’s a good chance that you’ll love this. Plus with just 1 season before it got cancelled (don’t let that put you off) it’s not a huge time investment. Check out a full review here.


As the series go on, to be honest the show does get more and more absurd and in some cases even ramps up the offensiveness. Follow the lives of a spy operation who get the job done, but at what cost? They’re all out of control and absolutely hilarious… Plus of course H. Jon Benjamin has one of the best voices ever recorded. With 10 seasons and 110 episodes, this one will keep you busy!


There’s just one series so far and it is only available to stream on YouTube premium. I absolutely love this sci-fi show and hope that they renew it for a second season at least. You can read a full review here.

Red Dwarf

What can I say about Red Dwarf that hasn’t been said about this show which first aired in 1988 and is still producing new content now! Albeit with some big old gaps between seasons. Right from those first season which are trashy, cheap but funny as hell, they have grown to being a little more high budget, a little less trashy, but a little more crass, but always retaining a comedy element which I don’t think any other sci-fi comedy can even come close to! I love this show and with 12 season (mostly between 6 and 8 episodes, except for season 9 which had just 3 and was produced for comic relief if I remember right) having aired, it will keep you pretty busy.

the Walking Dead

This is by far one of my favorite things ever committed to film! I’ve got tons of figures which have been signed and I’ve even got my fair share of tattoos based on both the series and the comics, but even I have to admit that the first series, you do have to kind of work through to get to the good stuff. I think the acting starts off a bit shaky but it gets there and you end up with a great story, a great cast and more zombies (although no one ever calls them zombies as that’s not a thing in the TWD universe) than you can squeeze in to the streets of Atlanta. We’re currently on season 10 so you have some catching up to do… But it is worth it!

Fear the Walking Dead

This starts out as the zombie apocalypse breaks out, whereas the Walking Dead starts some way in to it. Maybe it makes sense to watch season 1 or maybe even the first couple before the Walking Dead, but that’s not necessary, you can fit it in as a retrospective. When it starts out I don’t think it’s as good as the Walking Dead, but a couple of seasons in (when the Walking Dead dropped a little in quality) I think it was actually better for a while… They’ve evened out now and are both awesome shows! There are currently 5 seasons out so it’s a bit less work than the Walking Dead. I will pre warn you that once you get to seasons 4 and 5 it does start to contain spoilers for the Walking Dead!


A lot of people don’t like this show… I do! You can read a full review of it here, but to be fair it has very little real “substance” to it. The premise of the show is to enjoy 20 minutes of cheap laughs at the expense of people getting hurt, falling over, getting drinks, pooping, puking, being rude, getting slapped… you get the idea! There are something ridiculous like 500 episodes which you can just dip in and out of as its a viral video compilation show, so has literally zero story to follow. Surely a little comic relief like this is just what we need right now!

2 Broke Girls

It has been a little while since I last watched this show I must confess but I enjoy it a lot more than I thought I ever would. It’s a sitcom about 2 flat mates who are broke (one has always been broke and one is getting used to being broke after having been very wealthy). Their dream is a cupcake shop and we follow them pursue this dream. It is funny, sexy, inappropriate, mildly racists and full of amazing (if incredibly stereotypical) characters. If there’s a guilty pleasure on this list for me, it’s this! There are 6 seasons so I think even I have a little catching up to do.

the Big Bang Theory

Classic! This will keep you busy! With 12 season spanning 279 episodes this was one of the most successful sitcoms of all time. Personally I thought it was 10 fold better than Friends even. I was absolutely gutted when this show finally came to a conclusion. If you’ve not seen it follow these nerds grow as people and as friends… bring in new friends (and more), and just show us how to lead amazing lives, no matter how cool that life appears to be on the outside. Although ironically this show is part of what made geek chic!

Ash vs Evil Dead

I’ll just come out with it. I LOVE Bruce Campbell, and just about everything he touches is gold! This show has everything you need from a tv show… other than sex and nudity perhaps! It is full to the brim with violence, gore, floods of blood, comedy in droves, horror, filthy language, drugs abuse and mild tongue in cheek racism.

Stranger Things

This show has blown up in to something I never saw coming. When I first saw it I was absolutely blind sided by what is a double decker bus full of nostalgia, sci-fi horror and nerdy goodness. Think the losers club, but a full 3 seasons, 25 episodes worth! The story is incredibly original, the cast is – in a word – perfect and the production is big screen hollywood cinema release worthy. LOVE THIS SHOW!

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I'm a collector of pop culture items, with by far my biggest collection being in excess of 1,200 DVDs (yeah I still stay old school - can't wrap my head around the whole streaming thing yet), as well as various figures and Memorabilia (with most of these being McFarlane Walking Dead 5 inch figures, Funko Pop and Funko Pint Size Heroes, with a few other exceptions too). I'm a massive nerd and giant child at heart so feel free to have a chat about anything toy and movie related. My biggest movie passions are horror by far (especially slasher and zombie), sci fi and to a lesser extent action and comedy.

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