Nerd News: Red Dwarf: the Promised Land (2020) Trailer & Teaser Reactions

There are a few teasers… I wouldn’t really call them trailers, which have dropped on YouTube in the last week, with the latest being just a few hours old, and they’re hinting at what looks like a fairly high budget production, or at least a higher reliance on digital media – let’s hope that it keeps the amateurish charm we have always LOVED about the show… something which has tightened up and become more professional looking with just about every season.

The first teaser was just a 20 second clip which I first saw on Dave just a couple of days ago, although I think it has been making the rounds for almost a week. It doesn’t give anything away but in 20 seconds brings up SO MANY questions! They can’t do this to us!

We are left wondering whether we are going to witness the departure or replacement of Arnold Rimmer, whether we are saying goodbye to any of the old spaceships, or even all of them… Starbug, Blue Midget, Red Dwarf… Are they having to jump ship? and if so, who’s attacking them? That star fleet and attack sequence really do nod at something with a bit more production value!

This first clip feels very glum, serious, emotional… Do we want that from Red Dwarf? Do we want to feel like we’re watching a teaser for the end of the show? That’s kind of how this feels.

Let’s see what the latest clip tells us!

Ok, so the answer is YES… we just learned a lot more.

A hell of a lot more!

Anyone else get goosebumps?

9th April, on Dave we will see Red Dwarf; the Promised Land, which is set to be a feature length special episode, and that is something which gets me very excited indeed.

What’s more we do still have a few of those questions about why it feels so glum for the time ahead, but at least we do know who these other spaceships belong to. On the one hand we’ve got what look to potentially be more humans, and also a glimpse of the rest of the cat empire. They look like a very advanced civilization and it begs the question of how Cat will fit in to this… Will he have to choose between crews, and if so, has he got ANY hint of loyalty to the Dwarf?

Which ever way we look at it, there’s going to be a lot going on in this feature length episode, and it looks like it promises to have a drastically increased cast, which could lead to an absolutely action packed small screen adventure.

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8 thoughts on “Nerd News: Red Dwarf: the Promised Land (2020) Trailer & Teaser Reactions

  1. Reblogged this on Overly Devoted Archivist and commented:
    I had not seen the second clip before! Oh, I’m relieved that the whole thing won’t be as sober and dour as the first teaser suggested.

    Hooray, something to watch while in Quarantine.


    1. Oh I know! I have to say I was a bit worried after the first teaser but now I’m just ridiculously excited. Will love to hear what you think once it’s out – I don’t often get a chance to talk to dwarf fans!


      1. I don’t know I kinda like that it’s small… Just not quite this small! It’s like I was saying about not wanting it to look too professional – the amateur feel of the show is where so much of its charm and humour comes from


      2. That’s fair! I do love the slapped-together-from-a-dustbin look of some of the earliest episodes. In fact I think I might watch some of them again in preparation for the special. (If I start now I might even be able to get in every episode before April 9!)


      3. No problem what so ever! Red dwarf was made for binge watching, and now I think I need to as well. I’m still a huge fan of dvds, so I recon, no problems you can get through a DVD every one or two nights in bed. That’s my evenings sorted lol. And your description of what the original episodes (and the original red dwarf ship for that matter) look like is perfect!
        Oh and thanks for reblogging this by the way!


      4. I agree it’s good, but personally I think III just pips it. Marooned is one of the best episodes of all time! I’d love to have seen the humor from the last 2 or 3 seasons which were just that little bit more rude and crude but in the style of those earlier seasons.

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