Doom Annihilation Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The original Doom movie with Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson came out in 2005 and even to this day I absolutely love it, so when I saw that there was a sequel (which actually turned out to just be a re-boot) I was both excited and also a bit worried. Honestly, for the first 15 minutes or so of the film I thought that my worries were totally justified… But once it got going, this film put all those worries to rest!

If you read some of the critical comments about this film you’ll see it compared to the old movie and described as completely inadequate, disappoint and lacking in style and substance. I can kind of see where they’re coming from…

The story isn’t anywhere near as strong as the original and it doesn’t have the same calibre of characters or actors to execute those. But you know what – the gritty, cheap feel of this film gives that vibe you get when something is so bad that it rolls back over in to the territory of being good. It sacrifices a lot of its substance in return for good old fashioned fun! Sci-fi doesn’t need to always take itself so seriously!

This film is balls to the wall action as soon as the monsters come out of hiding, and its at that point where you get a real sense of excitement, and you can appreciate the make up… At least until the demons come out that is. I have to say that putting all the bad points aside in order to enjoy the movie, you can’t ignore the weird slightly baggy latex suits with strangely long, wobbly arms / hands which these demons have. They really don’t look great, and when they start shooting fireballs they look more like something from Street Fighter than Doom.

Strangely enough, when they bring in some CGI demons, that all changes and you wish they’d used them all along. I think they make some amazing use of digital technology in this straight to video release.

There are loads of awesome throwbacks which you’ll remember from even the early Doom games, including locations, teams of people, monsters, weapons, characters and even (and for me for some reason this was the most important nuance to remind me of that golden age of first person shooters) the sound of the doors! Its such a distinct sound effect that I was so glad that they kept it in!

It’s not going to be winning many awards and it’s nothing to write home about, but as it’s also a fairly short film, if you want to have some fun and switch off for a bit, this film is exactly what you’re looking for!

I watched this film as part of the line up on Sky Cinema, which can have a really nice selection of films!

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