Nerd News: Lego Dots out now!

On the Lego website these are advertised as ways for kids to get creative… Kids? Pish Pash Lego – I can see this having the same therapeutic effects that those fiddly coloring books have for adults!

To be honest, it really is a cool way for kids to decorate their own stuff and then to change their mind! There are a set of different bracelets, a photo frame, pencil holder (for some reason in the shape of a pineapple), picture holders and a jewelry stand. All of these look to come with their own set of “dots” to decorate them with, and a set of spare dots is also available. This set is called extra dots series 1, so presumably they’re planning on adding further to this range.

They’re pretty affordable at £4.99 for their bracelets and £3.99 for the extra dots pack. The other items of course go up from there, but I think it’s pretty reasonable as it’s hitting a slightly older demographic who in this day an age could get these as a pocket money treat.

I really do think that these will become popular with adults too though and it would be cool to see seasonal and more adult oriented ranges of extra dots!

Check them out on the Lego online store:

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