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Nerd News: Funko Shop is Coming to Moscow

For a long time, the world has been waiting for Funko retail locations to open in places outside of the USA, and possibly even with Funko shop exclusives thereby being made available outside the USA for once. That first shop is coming as a shop (/ department) inside the Hamleys flagship store in Moscow, near Lubyanskaya Square, Russia – the biggest toy shop in Europe.

I have been to the Funko section in the Hamley’s in London and that was billed as an exciting addition to the shop, however it was essentially one shelf which was mainly Harry Potter pops at the time. From the pictures of the Moscow shop, it looks a lot more impressive and the addition of large scale pop props such as a pop box you can get in to, make it feel like much more of a Funko shop inside another shop, rather than the funko shelf inside another shop. In London, Forbidden Planet is far more impressive than the Funko selection in Hamley’s.

As well as the big pop box there are some large scale pop models from various fandoms including Disney (Maleficent), Harry potter (Hagrid) and Star Wars (Storm Trooper).

Over time it will see a number of launches hosted there including products from Loungefly and Funkoverse but of course to celebrate, there are a few Hamley’s Russia Funko pop exclusives in the form of a Overwatch D. Va Diamond Edition, a Cruella De Vil Diamond Edition and a Pennywise with a glow bug.

More details can be found through Funko Europe while we keep our fingers crossed for a Funko shop of this caliber in London one day!

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