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Nerd News: Funko Pop Around the World (uk) Funko Store Exclusive

The first of the new line of pops will be released online only in about 30 minutes at 11:00 PST and it’s the new around the world range which sees a famous costume or character from various countries turned in to pops. The first one is the UK and the character is called Barkingham the dog. He’s pretty cool and the first 2,000 sold will get a free passport.

What sucks for me is that this British guy is available only in the states at the moment and I bet the same applies to all the future countries too. Shouldn’t he have been released in the UK first? Or at the very least funko should get with the times and sell internationally on their website! In the blog post about this set it states that it is celebrating the fact that funko fans are all over the world… I think a better celebration would be to treat all their fans the same. KidRobot and SuperPlastic manage to send their stuff to the uk… just saying!

He is pretty cool though.

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