Best Pre-Kill One Liners from the Movies

There are certain things which go in to making a good action, thriller or horror movie, and of course in many of these, the kills rank high amongst those ingredients. But even if the kill scene is perfectly built up to, surrounded by an amazing cast, executed with perfect special effects and part of a pivotal story line – there’s always something which can take that scene to a new level. Even if all the other ingredients are absolute toilet, a scene can be saved and even be granted cult status, with a single line.

There are certain people who are gods of the pre-kill (or any other time) one liner, such as Samuel L. Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and the absolute daddy of one liners – possibly because that’s all he could in those days remember in one go, Arnie!

Let’s check out some of the absolute best out there! Let me know of any I missed in the comments below.

“This is Sparta!”

300 – Gerard Butler

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

Dirty Harry – Clint Eastwood

“Terrorize this”

Team America – Kirsten Miller

“I got enough friends”

Die Hard 2 – Bruce Willis

“How do you like your ribs”

Action Jackson – Carl Weathers

“You say you wanted me to say goodbye. Well, Sayonara”

The Wolverine – Hugh Jackman

“Say hi to mommy, in hell”

Friday 13th – Amanda Righetti

“Knock Knock”

Predator – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I come in peace.” “And you go in pieces asshole.”

I Come in Peace – Dolph Lungren

“You’re a disease and I’m the cure”

Cobra – Sylvester Stalone

“There’s got to be a hundred reasons why I don’t blow you away. Right now I can’t think of one”

The Rookie – Clint Eastwood

“Time to face gravity”

James Bond: Die Another Day – Pierce Brosnan

“Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else”

X-Men – Halle Berry

“I’ll be back”

The Terminator – Arnold Schwarzenneger

“Do you like the Elton John song, Rocket Man? ……. I only bring it up because it’s you, you’re the rocket man”

The Rock – Nicholas Cage

“You wanna play rough? Okay! Say hello to my little friend”

Scarface – Al Pacino

“Not my daughter you bitch”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Julie Walters

“Drop dead” “I don’t do requests”

The Running Man – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“You’re terminated fucker”

Terminator – Linda Hamilton

“You’re out of bullets and you know what that means. you’re shit outta luck”

The Dead Pool – Clint Eastwood

“That’s it, no more mr knife guy”

Wild Wild West – Will Smith

“You’ve just been erased”

Eraser – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“This is from Mathilda”

Leon – Jean Reno

“Are you going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?”

The Outlaw Josey Wales – Clint Eastwood

“What are you?” “I’m the night guard”

Night at the Museum – Ben Stiller

“Adios motherfucker”

Maximum Overdrive – Emilio Estevez

“Swallow this”

Evil Dead 2 – Bruce Campbell

“Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate up hill”

Blade – Wesley Snipes

“It’s not your village any more”

Hot Fuzz – Simon Peg

“How about a light?”

The Running Man – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“How about a magic trick? I’m gonna make this pencil disappear”

Batman: The Dark Knight – Heath Ledger

“Sounds like you’ve had a hard life.” “Yeah” “Good thing it’s over”

The Condemned – Steve Austin

“You’re fired”

True Lies – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“This reminds me of my father’s last words, which were, Don’t son, that gun is loaded”

Stone Cold – Lance Henriksen

“You want a piece of me?” “No, I want 2”

Transformers – Hugo Weaving

“Long live the king”

The Lion King – Jeremy Irons

“Dying ain’t much of a living, boy”

The Outlaw Josey Wales – Clint Eastwood

“You gotta cock it motherfucker”

Big Game – Samuel L. Jackson

“Welcome to slavery” “No thanks, I already have a wife”

From Dusk Till Dawn – George Clooney

“No man can kill me” “I am no man”

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – Miranda Otto

“Dodge this”

The Matrix – Carrie-Anne Moss

“Hasta la vista baby”

Terminator 2 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Do you believe in Jesus?” “I do” “Well you’re gonna meet him”

Death Wish 2 – Charles Bronson

“Who’s funeral is it?” “Yours”

James Bond: Live and Let Die – Alvin Alcorn

“Buckle up bonehead, you’re going for a ride”

Army of Darkness – Bruce Campbell

“Give you a lift”

The Running Man – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Yi-pee-ki-yay motherfucker”

Die Hard 2 – Bruce Willis

“No sequel for you”

Last Action Hero – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“You once were a vegon. Now you will be-gone”

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World – Michael Cera

“You are terminated”

Terminator 3 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”

Pulp Fiction – Samuel L. Jackson

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