Jayden Green on the Belly Vinyl Figure Kick Starter Campaign

This post was originally planned to be a call to action to help the guys at Tribute Toys (Jayden Green and Richie Pile) get their inaugural figure, “Belly” off the ground, but now is more of a congratulatory post with some undertones or looking to the future and also still letting you know that you can get involved. The campaign originally wanted to raise CA$20,000 which it managed to reach yesterday, but the page is still live so there are still rewards to be claimed!


Their belly figure is a really simple concept which is designed with the customiser in mind, and I think people are going to have a lot of fun with these… But beyond that it’s just a really cool looking figure! I myself am not a customiser, so I look forward to displaying it proudly alongside my other vinyl toys as is!

That’s right, I’ve made a pledge too, so you’ll be seeing a review of… One of them – I still can’t quite decide whether I prefer the black or the white one! The white one will look better in my collection to match the other stuff, but the black one is a bit more unusual and I’m leaning towards that at the moment! Need to make up my mind soon! Might have been easier as a blind box!

If you want to help them with this project, because I guess it can only be a good thing if they manage to go over their original goal, there’s something for everyone with pledges starting as low as CA$7 and all the way up to CA$2,000! Some of the rewards include stickers, pins, T-shirts, those all important figures of course including a gilded gold and red limited edition version, swag bags, prints, custom work and even an opportunity to help design the next figure for this startup company!

I think this isn’t going to be the last we see from these guys and I hope that you enjoy seeing this figure as much as I have, and get behind it! You know you’ll want a gold one when all the cool kids have got the white and black ones!

I did manage to have a quick chat with Jayden who ran the kickstarter campaign about the product and their team. I’m really glad he took the time to answer my questions and give you a bit of an insight in to what they’re doing, as it’s filled with passion! Especially as they are crazy busy now that they reached their goal!

F’n’F – Thanks for taking the time to speak with me Jayden.

I’ve just made my pledge towards your kick starter campaign because I really do love the design which you guys have come up with on this belly figure – I hope you get to your target so that I can add one to my collection.  I know that the campaign is being run by yourself and Richie Pile.  Can you tell me a bit about the team working on this figure?  What’s your background, and what’s the ultimate dream for the team?

JG – Richie and I met collecting Tiny Ghost. I purchased some of his customs and was floored by his level of quality and detail. Over a few weeks we developed a friendship and discussed a variety of different projects. We both love the initial drawings of Belly and over the span of 3 – 4 months really worked on exactly how we want him to look as a 3D figure.

My background is in Tech Sales and Marketing which I hope had an impact on Bellys success.

My dream for Tribute Toys and Belly is to put out figures fans really love and make a connection to.

F’n’F – Belly has a minimalist design as tried, tested and proven by so many designers, but with this one, especially by keeping it 2-tone and adding your own style to the face have taken it in a fresh direction. Where did the inspiration for this figure come from?

JG – Richie is a huge fan at customizing figures and its well shown on his website and IG page. The idea for belly’s minimalist style is to allow artists a blank canvas to expand their ideas creatively to the platform.

F’n’F – What’s the ultimate goal for the belly figure itself, is this a one off design or are we going to see more variations?

JG – Now that we have reached funding and see that a community is building around Belly, I have a sneaky suspicion this is the first of many awesome Belly variations.

F’n’F – You’ve got a limit of 100 of the gold gilded version set, how about the others?  Is there a cap on those or do you think these will be an open edition?

JG – As of right now both classic and contra bellys are open edition as we want them to remain as a platform for artists.  Like our Gilded Belly, future editions will be limited.

F’n’F – Going through the kickstarter page I can see that you’ve had a lot of support for the $225 tier and even a couple for the $2,000 one which I really have to congratulate you on.  How does it feel to see that level of passion for your product?

JG – It is a huge sense of accomplishment. Many many hours have been spent working and seeing people back our campaign along with shares and kind messages has made it worthwhile. I will be on cloud 9 when our first customers receive their figures and make their first posts.  That will be the moment I have so diligently worked towards.

F’n’F – I want to finish by truly wishing you the best of luck and really hope that you make it to your target, it’s already within reach so I’ve got a good feeling and can’t wait to see it next to my Lora Zombie unicorn figure!  It’s a proper piece of art and deserves to be displayed among its peers.  I hope that we’ll be seeing many more designs coming from this team in the future.

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