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Nerd News: MP Gautheron x KidRobot Range

This isn’t really news any more to be honest because these went on sale yesterday and sold out almost immediately! But, I really wanted to talk about them because this set of Dunny’s put out by KidRobot after having been customised by French artist MP Gautheron, are out of this world. There is no way to describe them using words which would do them justice, so below I have included photos from the KidRobot website:

The set was made up of 17 individual Dunny’s ranging from 3 inches right up to 20 inches, with each one being a complete one off. I don’t know how much they sold for in the end as I never got to see the live sale, but what ever it was, it was worth it. I know a lot of people online were saying that they will be insanely expensive, but why shouldn’t they be. They are one of a kind pieces of art, not just toys, and anyone who got one should feel proud to have one in their collection.

Check these absolute beauties out!

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