Nerd News: KidRobot Recent Re-Cap

I managed to get a little bit behind on my KidRobot news over the festive period so I just wanted to take this opportunity to talk about a few amazing products which dropped on the KidRobot website in the last few weeks!

Harbinger 8″ Dunny

The first one I want to talk about went live on their site on 27th December and is the 8 inch Harbinger Dunny by Martin Ontiveros which comes in a blue edition which has the dark outfit, as well as a exclusive glow in the dark blue edition which is the lighter one. Due to the helmet adornments this Dunny actually stands at over 8 inches tall.

The normal blue edition will set you back $100 whilst the glow in the dark one might cost the same (although personally I prefer the look of the other) but is limited to just 350 units world wide.

KidRobot x Simpsons Toys

The next ones I want to talk about is the Simpsons collaboration which KidRobot currently have going on with a bunch of new products. Firstly there is a blind box of Moe’s Tavern mini figures, which are pretty cool, especially at $9.99 each, as well as a series of blind box crap-tacular keyrings featuring a bunch of different Simpsons characters at $5.99 each.

On top of this there’s also a 7 inch figure of Moe with one of his signature flaming Moe’s drinks, which will set you back $49.99 but this one comes in a nice window box so you can display him nicely.

But what I really want to talk to you about us the 3 inch blinky the fish figures, which come in 2 variations and at $14.99 each I think it’s time for me to make an order! These 2 figures of the 3 eyed fish in the nuclear power plant cooling pond are absolutely amazing! The regular one is the orange one, but then there’s the green one which glows in the dark, is a exclusive and is limited to 1,000 world wide.

Dolly Oblong Dunny

Finally there’s a 5 inch Dunny which I missed way back on 13th December designed by Dolly Oblong, called the Dairobo-B Mecha Half Ray, which is available in both an orange and a green edition, with the green one being a exclusive which is limited to just 300 pieces world wide. These pieces will set you back $49.99 each.

Author: Figures 'n' Films

I'm a collector of pop culture items, with by far my biggest collection being in excess of 1,200 DVDs (yeah I still stay old school - can't wrap my head around the whole streaming thing yet), as well as various figures and Memorabilia (with most of these being McFarlane Walking Dead 5 inch figures, Funko Pop and Funko Pint Size Heroes, with a few other exceptions too). I'm a massive nerd and giant child at heart so feel free to have a chat about anything toy and movie related. My biggest movie passions are horror by far (especially slasher and zombie), sci fi and to a lesser extent action and comedy.

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