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Nerd News: Trolls World Tour Funko Pops Coming Soon

I wasn’t a huge fan of the mystery mini trolls which had been announced last year as they looked like a perfect rehashing of the old trolls, just without the fluffy hair, it being solid instead, so if anything those mystery mini trolls were less impressive than the old original toys. However with this set to compliment the DreamWorks movie, they’ve gone back to what a pop should be and made some pretty cool designs actually.

Check them all out here:

There’s going to be Queen Poppy, Queen Barb, Branch (with a chase version), King Trollex and Guy Diamond with Tiny Diamond, which will be glow in the dark. There will also be a Queen Poppy exclusive (with a guitar) from Party City and a glow in the dark exclusive of King Trollex from Michaels.

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