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Nerd News: Mandalorian Funko Pops Coming Soon

What a way to end the year, Funko yesterday announced a big set based on the mandalorian coming out soon, and they look awesome! Go check out the funko site to see the full set:

The set will feature the incinerator stormtrooper (pictured below), Greef Karga, a heavy infantry Mandalorian (who looks amazing), Q9-Zero, a Jawa, a covert Mandalorian, the Mandalorian, the armorer, the client, deluxe and the Mandalorian riding on a blurrg.

There are also going to be a bunch of exclusives, so keep your eye out for those… As I said this is a really nice big set!

  • A Mandalorian & IG-11 double pack exclusive to Barnes & Noble.
  • A death watch Mandalorian exclusive to GameStop.
  • A Mandalorian with a flame exclusive to Target.
  • A Trandoshan thug exclusive to Walgreens.
  • A Mandalorian wearing Beskar armor exclusive to Amazon.

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