Blood Drive (SyFy Channel) Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This trailer is going to contain one big spoiler, which by now you should really know – it’s part of the reason (as is so often the case) why it has such a cult following now. This is that even though the series ends with the ability to graft on a series number 2 (I won’t say how or with which concept / character / item or anything else), but that this ending was written in vain because the same day that the final episode aired on SyFy, the shows creator James Roland announced that it would be cancelled. So there will be no season 2… Although let me tell you, if I played the lottery and had a chance to win, and then actually did so… I’d definitely pay for a second season or at very least go down the Firefly route and do a movie! Let me introduce this series, as being one of the best things to EVER be committed to television.

Now if that doesn’t set the scene, I don’t know what will – check out this trailer and then tell me this show looks like it sucks… Because it only gets better from that trailer.

So what is Blood Drive?

The Blood Drive is a race, the brain child of Julian Slink (played by Colin Cunningham), probably the most deranged but amazing television character ever created and played like an absolute boss by Cunningham. At first glance it’s like any other cross country road race but there’s a few little differences – a couple of nuances! Firstly the cars don’t run on petrol. Oh no, they run on human blood! In some instances the cars literally eat people alive.

You want another difference? Finish last and you get killed – not just any old killed… Oh no, they blow your brain up using a little bomb in your head. This also stops people from straying too far from the race of trying to get away.

Obviously the series isn’t just all racing… The main characters of Grace D’Argento (a young woman only racing to get her sister back) and Arthur Bailey (a police officer, if that’s what you want to call them in this show looking to expose the race and its organisers), also have their own little quests and distractions during basically every single leg of the race! Not to mention a whole different story line for Christopher Carpenter (Arthur’s partner) and Aki… I won’t tell you anything about Aki, just that she’s an absolute treat and again, just like Cunningham’s Julian, this character played by Marama Corlett is played and written to absolute perfection!

I’ve focused on Slink and Aki, because they really are superb characters, but the rest of the main cast, as well as the vast majority of the supporting cast play their parts incredibly well. This is especially the case because this is meant to have been made in a grind house style, so some of the characters are purposely played well over the top, which is hard to pull off and still look good!

It’s not just the characters which are larger than life, everything about this show is! The blood – there are gallons of the stuff, and it’s everywhere! When people get it on them, they GET IT ON THEM! The cursing is unnecessary, but in a way which is SOOOOO necessary! The sex is gratuitous whilst also being censored in the most ridiculous ways… Which makes it even better than if they showed actual sex… Seriously, they have some very over the top sized censorship whilst also having the brilliant prop of the suck bus… Who doesn’t need a suck bus in their tv show!

So yeah, a wholesome family friendly show, this is not! But, if you want to have a lot of fun while watching everything people say you shouldn’t watch, then Blood Drive is so the show for you! It’s a huge dose of nostalgia and taboo, mixed with the craziest acid soaked spoon of all time.

To say that I think this is the best show on television is an understatement, but sadly also a little bit of a lie, because as I said… It is definitely no longer on television. But trust me, there are PLENTY of people who will whole heartedly disagree with me on this. I think I’m probably in a minority, but what ever you think of it, you can’t deny that it’s a hoot and a half!

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