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Blood Drive – Julian Slink’s Opening Speech

About 18 months ago or so now, maybe a little longer, I was due to go to the London Horror Convention. In fact I had my tickets sorted and was ready for a full weekend of horror nonsense. The guest list was incredible, including the late great Sid Haig and the incredibly talented Colin Cunningham… The 2 people I was most looking forward to seeing. But alas, they organizers first postponed, and eventually admitted defeat and cancelled the whole thing. This was a huge shame, because one thing I was most looking forward to was not only a photo op with Cunningham in full Slink getup but also that he was due to open the convention with this truly iconic, spine tingling speech from the first episode of the Blood Drive. One of my favorite speeches on television, his delivery still gives me goose bumps today!

“Ladies and gentlemen,

bastards and tramps,

bloodsuckers, motherfuckers, road trash, and vamps

to the queers and the strange in the crowd

and on the stage to the violent, the malevolent, and those seeking a grave…

…welcome home! It’s been a cold, dark year. I’m so glad to see your grease-stained faces, your filthy smiles.

I am your host, Julian Slink, master of ceremonies, god of the stage.

Welcome to the meanest, nastiest, filthiest road race in the world Blood Drive!”

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