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Nerd News: Fools Paradise Toys – Don’t buy 3d Plans

Fools Paradise Toys have put a message out on their official Instagram page to warn people that there is a or potentially some scammers out there who are trying to capitalize on their hard work. They have been approached by a few people claiming that companies are trying to sell 3d (printer) plans for some of their figures.

If you were to buy these and use a 3d printer to make one of those figures, it will not be anything like the figures which Fools Paradise sell, because those a vinyl figures, rather than 3d prints. It will have a lower quality and just won’t have the same feel or effect in the room. Don’t be fooled in to buying something which firstly rips off the hard work of Fools Paradise, secondly will waste your time (and money) by producing a poor imitation of the real deal and thirdly lining the pockets of frauds.

Fools Paradise produce a wide range of insanely original items – I can see why people would want to imitate them, they are a force to be reckoned with in the designer toy world, but there’s one thing imitating them and then another blatantly copying one of their items. Super professional is an awesome figure (although I think they are ripping off Super Professional 2 if I’m not mistaken), which should look like this… If you try to print your own, I assure you… It won’t like that that:

Check out the real deal here, with all images being property of Fools Paradise – I hope to get my hands on one of their pieces one day too:

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