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Nerd News: Funko Pop Double Pack – Jordan Peele Horror

The horror genre is I would say a predominantly white movie genre, and historically has been – however in the past few years (and continuing in to the future with a LONG overdue sequel of Candyman), Jordan Peele has made some very impressive strides to show that it doesn’t need to be. Black cinema is taking a big step forward, and not just in horror (where Peele has been the writer, director, producer and also voice actor in the films Us and Get Out), but also with films like Black Panther.

It’s great to see discrimination loosening its grip on the movie industry and these talented people making huge impacts (although of course in terms of acting, people like Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith and Whoopie Goldberg or directors like Ava DeVernay and Spike Lee have been making their mark for many a year)… Who can argue with the figures of films like Black Panther!

However it is the work of Jordan Peele which is being celebrated here by Funko with the double pack featuring characters from Us and Get Out.

This double pack is a Funko shop exclusive and is available today from 11:00 PST for $30

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