The Nun Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The films from the conjuring universe have always had a reputation for being very scary so they’re not generally films which I’d watch with my wife, who isn’t a huge horror fan. The nun is one of those films, and from the trailer it defiately looks like it has plenty of jump moments and has a creepy atmosphere. There is something inherently creepy and unsettling about a demon nun – Mixing innocent and good imagery with evil always has that effect, however seeing that it just had a 15 rating, my wife decided to watch it with me.

It actually didn’t have the level of scares throughout to unsettle my wife, who, as I mentioned, doesn’t usually watch an awful lot of horror – but saying that, it definately still delivers on most things you’d want from a horror film…

Suspense… Check!

Creepy things lurking in the dark… gone one moment, there the next… Check!

Violence… Check!

It even has a few little glimpses of foul language, blood and humour – although all not to the level I usually like to see in a film. I love my horror ready to make you jump, want to turn the lights on and dripping in blood whilst also laced liberally with potty mouths, humour and sex. Horror should be carnal… appealing to the most animalistic corners of ourselves.

In that respect I think this film falls a little short, even though it probably could have contained more gore and even had some sex / sexual references shoehorned in just for the sake of it… Once again, just as mixing innocent with evil imagery works, so does mixing that same innocence with sex… It just does!

Anyway, who wants a 15 rated horror? You need all those little nuances to get yourself a nice wholesome 18 rated couple of hours of fun!

Don’t get me wrong though, especially if you like the other conjuring films, seeing a much earlier version of Valak (the demonic nun) and understanding a little more about the origins gives the movie in itself a level of importance which makes it watching even if it weren’t entertaining… Which is something it certainly is. You don’t need to think too hard, the back story isn’t overly complicated and its not filled with hundreds of characters. This all means that you can just sit back, relax and have a creepy nun – in fact scratch that, Valak isn’t the only creepy nun, so a bunch of creepy nuns, keep your heart rate anything but steady.

If you like horror, this film will definately tick a lot of boxes, especially because it does look relatively high budget whilst still feeling like a gritty horror movie – like it’s not quite a Hollywood worthy genre (which I personally love), but just don’t quite believe the hype behind it – I’m not convinced it’s the scariest of the conjuring films.

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