Which 5 Movies Make Christmas in our Household?

This is the easiest topic I’ve ever written about cause we have a very specific goal each year, which is to watch our 5 favourite Christmas movies in one hit those movies are:

  • Die Hard
  • Die Hard 2
  • Die Hard with a Vengeance
  • Live Free or Die Hard
  • A Good Day to Die Hard


But of course I know that you guy’s aren’t going to accept that list so I’m going to take 3 of them out, and not one more! I also know that Bruce Willis has stated categorically that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, but clearly, what the hell does he know! I’ll explain why!

1 – Die Hard

As I said, what does Bruce Willis know! This film is set at a Christmas party and if you look beyond the shooting, the fighting, the explosions, swearing and bloodshed, at its very core it’s a movie about a man who tries to make amends with his wife, gets side tracked and does what he can to save her. He is desperate to be with his family over Christmas, and has the backing of another fellow officer whom he doesn’t even know who wants to help him do the same… You see, it’s packed with hinted at festive cheer! There’s even some Christmas music, so point made!

2 – Die Hard 2

What the hell Bruce Willis?!?!?! This isn’t a Christmas movie? What day is it set on? Yep it’s played out on Christmas Eve and comes complete with presents, plenty of festive references and even snow this time around! Again there’s plenty of explosions, crazy stunts, shooting and swearing in classic John McClane style, BUT it’s definitely a Christmas movie! With the other 3 I’ll give you those, but if a movie is set on Christmas or at a Christmas party, in my book that counts as a full on festive movie! And if Bruce Willis can’t change my mind, you definately won’t!

Now here is where it gets a bit more difficult for me! Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to Christmas I’m like a damn kid… I’ll wear a christmas jumper to all family get togethers, christmas parties and work should the opportunity arrise. I’ll demolish half a turkey on my own with cranberry sauce and then be too full to move for half of Christmas day. And of course I love presents… getting them and giving them!

On the entertainment front whilst I do have a huge passion for old school Christmas music (I could easily write about that), I’m really not a fan of Christmas movies at all, so whilst the next 3 aren’t great movies I must see at Christmas, if I’m going to watch a Christmas movie, it should be one of these, and that’s why I kept the list to 5… Halloween was much easier, and if anything could have done with listing 25 instead of 10 movies.

3 – Nightmare Before Christmas

If we’re gonna do Christmas movies, then let’s do something to wrap up festive spirit, joy and a little darkness in one surprisingly neat little bundle! Tim Burton puts all of these aspects together, melding my 2 favourite holidays (Christmas and Halloween of course) and making what should be an amazing day! Of course things don’t go quite to plan, but the effort which they put in is the essence of festive cheer, while Santa comes along and helps them fulfill their dreams… One way or another.

4 – Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton himself might not embody Christmas spirit but its mainly because of roles such as this which he appears to be perfect for. Besides the fact that he’s been married 6 times most of his reputation actually comes from his movie roles. In this movie he is what every parent doesn’t want Santa to be like and he goes through what every Santa doesn’t want to go through. In one word, he’s a dick in this film, but his alcohol abuse, potty mouth, bad temper and womanising (somehow looking the way he does), is where all the laughs come from, and they are ten to the dozen! Forget Elf, this is what you want from a Christmas comedy.

5 – Jingle all the Way

I thought I should probably have at least one classic Christmas movie in the list, but if I’m going to be absolutely honest if it starred anyone other than Arnie, I probably wouldn’t like it as much, if at all. He brings a special kind of magic to a film… As an action hero he is what you want from an action hero, and in a film like this he adds endless comedy because you just watch him in this role, knowing he should be an action hero! He’s a bit of a dick father who disappoints his kid, even down to missing out on the one present he really wanted for Christmas and then has to go on a hunt for that year’s sell out toy! Of course this is where basically all of the laughs come from but a lot of it is slap stick which I’m not usually a huge fan of. It’s definitely a family friendly festive film, but as I said if it wasn’t for Arnie, this probably wouldn’t be for me.

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