Nerd News: the Walking Dead Season 10 Mid Season Trailer Reaction

So we’ve just hit the end of the first half of season 10 of the Walking Dead, with it set to resume in February 2020, and of course I absolutely can’t wait, so it was nice to see the trailer drop for the second half… As if they needed to keep us interested!

I’m going to post the trailer below and then discuss it afterwards a little. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and please be aware that after the trailer… If you decide to keep on scrolling, I’m going to assume that you’re all caught up and will post spoilers for the first half of Season 10 and maybe even before that too.

It’s no secret that I’ve got a big thing for the Walking Dead, and have done for years. I’ve even got various walking dead themed tattoos and I always go back for me TWD action, even if some times I feel a bit disappointed with the show.

So far season 10 has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. Up until the last couple of episodes it felt that it had a really slow start and that other than Negan getting back to his walking dead roots, not an awful lot else really happened… There was a lot of story building, but I want that story building to have some excitement to go with it! Speaking of Negan he’s had some half decent screen time this season compared to the last, although if I’m totally honest, no where near enough. Again it’s no secret that I’ve got a massive man crush for Negan… Show him on the show more!

It looks like we do see him again in the second half of the season at least a few times. He gives Alpha some advice but it remains to be seen whether he knows exactly who the spy is and also whether Alpha, or more importantly Beta believes him or calls him out as the spy. Does Negan use it as an opportunity to plant some information or evidence to drop Beta in it? He’s definitely clever and devious enough to lie his way to the top. I’ve got a feeling that he may well rat out the actual spy because we can see Gamma at one point sneaking up on him… But do we see this in the right order? Does Gamma think that he saw her with Aaron while he was in the area and go to attack him but change her mind, and that’s how Negan makes the connection? The snippet we see of him with his shirt off I assume is going to show some kind of initiation, similar to the penance which Gamma paid a couple of episodes ago – I recon Negan will receive some whips across the back to submit to Alpha.

But what is Negans angle?

I’m not sure if we’ll see it in this season, it depends on whether they draw the war with the whisperers out as long as they drew out the war with the saviors. What ever his angle is I think his future will be determined by whether his plan plays out before or after the survivors see him with the whisperers. I can’t imagine him wanting to live smelling of walkers for the rest of his life, so I think… I hope that he’s taking the group down from the inside. But equally do I really want to see him back with the survivors? Not at all. As far as I’m concerned the violent story lines are the more interesting and entertaining ones. Do we want to see a show where everyone lives in peace? Hell no!

We do also see that the Gamma story line seems to send her to the survivors and that the ones who recently got lost, thanks to the crap which Carol seems to keep pulling at the moment, are able to be rescued thanks to her input. I think she has seen Alpha’s lies and now feels that family is more important than the whisperers, and that she can’t have that family as part of the whisperers… Although I don’t see that she will get that from the survivors. They didn’t welcome Lydia in to the group and after what happened with Dante killing Sidiq, matters won’t have improved.

However saying that there is also clearly a whisperer in Rosita’s house, but I can’t quite tell who it is (we do see that Beta seems to have made it in to the walls of Alexandria but that’s not who is in the houses, it looks more like it is Gamma but with very poor lighting it is difficult to see, but maybe that’s just the crappy video I’m watching – I don’t see her trying to get her nephew that way – Alpha would never let her back in to the group with him) and shortly before she mentioned not knowing what is real… Has she started to suffer from nightmares or hallucinations as a result of the shock of losing Sidiq and almost losing her baby to Sidiq resulting in her putting him down? And is the possible kiss with Eugene also in this category? Does she think about what could have been… Does Eugene think about what could be? Or is she just referring to the arrival of Gamma – does she just mean that we don’t know if her coming over there is just an act.

Personally I don’t see it happening, at least not that close to Sidiq dying, but she does seem to be having some problems now with Gabriel. Although now that he grew some balls and stabbed the crap out of Dante maybe she has found something in Gabriel that was missing… a passion which they needed back in their relationship?

Speaking of relationships, it was always a shame what happened between Carol and the good king, but it looks like Ezekiel might just find the guts to tell her what’s happening with him, especially with Enid, Dante and most importantly Sidiq now gone and therefore no one left to help treat his cancer. Perhaps it’s getting too late and he’s no longer able to hide it.

While on the subject of… well, the subjects of the kingdom we do see Jerry stuck in a tunnel as they (I assume) escape from the cave. It looks like a walker might be either coming the other way, or is coming up behind him, and let’s face it, Jerry’s not a small man, so getting through that tunnel doesn’t look like it’ll be easy. But we don’t see what happens with it so he may well get out, and I’m not sure if I can see them killing of Jerry and Ezekiel in around the same time. I don’t see that Ezekiel is going to be with the show much longer now.

We do also see another poignant piece which helps cement the relationship which Daryl has with the group and with Judith in particular as well as showing that Judith is growing in to a proper little Grimes as she hands him his vest back with a second angel wing drawn on it… A very cute moment indeed. But most importantly for me it puts a nice exclamation point on what comes next which is a war… A war with Whisperers and with walkers at the gates of Alexandria. It’s the type of action which we want and what we haven’t had enough of in the previous season if you ask me… We want to see them fighting off hordes!

Michone is seen on a boat and I can’t wait to see what sort of arsenal she comes back with although part of me doesn’t want her to have anything too big. I want to see up close combat and shotguns!

I’m not sure if they’ll finish the whisperers in this season… I think they’ll draw it out and I’m not 100% convinced that we’ll see what Negans play is. All I know is that I want to see more Negan and I want more walkers. So far season 10 has been increasing the walker count and that’s what we want… We don’t watch the Walking Living People in Post-Apocalyptica… It’s the walking DEAD – show us the dead!

All in all though, I’m very excited to see the season come back in February so I guess my reaction could have been summed up in a single line!

P.S – who the hell was that jumping through a hole in the ground which looked like it was accessible from an RV of all things?!?!?! I really can’t tell if it’s someone we know!

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