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Nerd News: Chandler Riggs Back Home After Accident

I’m a bit behind the times on this one I have to admit, but better late than never. I actually only realised that something had happened when Chandler Riggs posted on his Twitter page yesterday that he wouldn’t be doing a live stream today as he still wasn’t feeling well enough, then going on to say that he was forgetting things:

There wasn’t much information on his page, however his mothers page had a photo of him still in hospital after she flew to see him at 9:00pm on 22nd November. She explained a little more as he had been thrown off his horse and luckily only sustained a concussions, largely due thanks to a helmet which he was wearing.

The ex-Walking Dead star who played Carl Grimes (the son of the hero of the show for so many years, Rick Grimes), is doing well though although perhaps he is still suffering from the effects as he did also yesterday put down a deposit on the weird cheap cardboard box delorean looking truck from Tesla.

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