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New Nightmare on ElM Street on the Cards? What should it be… My Thoughts

Yesterday Bloody Disgusting announced that Wes Craven’s estate had taken control again of the rights to the franchise and Freddy Krueger character. Now they plan on possibly producing more films and / or an HBO Max series and asking for pitches for these. It sounds like they’re getting the fans involved, but I’m not sure exactly how involved that will be. I’m guessing that they are looking at pitches from professionals, complete with people in the pipeline for writing the screen plays rather than taking fan ideas and trying to find someone to turn them in to something which might work.

Or I might be totally wrong and that’s exactly what they’re doing!

On their website and Twitter feed they’re asking people which direction they think the franchise should go, and of course it has sparked huge debate as to who should be involved and whether it should take a whole new direction or stick to its roots. Now before I go any further, the comments on their site are going crazy and I think it’s a lot of hard core fans who don’t want to get their hopes up and who are worried that if something does happen (which is might not anyway), they they’ll ruin it. Everything from hereon by me in this post is just a bit of fun, and what I would like to see Freddy do IF they were to carry the franchise on (preferably as a TV show)… I totally understand that even seeing Freddy return to the screen may never happen again – let’s just enjoy the idea that he might for now, yeah?

So here’s what I think… And I’m not saying that this is what should happen, this is what I think would keep me thoroughly entertained. What do you think? Am I totally off my nut and you think it should go a completely different direction?

The Nightmare on Elm Street story at its core does have a tendency to repeat itself a bit, mostly because it is based on the idea of revenge, not necessarily on a certain person but a group of people or a community. Freddy Krueger wants to right the wrongs he thinks have been committed against him, and as some sort of dream cruising demon he takes that revenge in the most horrible ways. And guess what?… That makes for some damn good watching!

I don’t want Freddy to be any less crazy, inventive, determined and insane… In fact, if anything I’d like to see him turn it up a notch, or 3, or 10! But I think the revenge perspective is holding him back. I think we need to see him with a renewed blood thirst, driven by something else (we already know that he loves to kill and it doesn’t HAVE to be for revenge from the later films), and to see him in a new environment… One with a lot more people! And I’m not talking the same sort of direction they took it with Freddy vs Jason and I’m thinking much more densely populated than Pasadena in New Nightmare.

Let’s jump forward to the present day. Everyone in Springwood, Ohio has gotten over what Freddy did in the 80’s and early 90’s and everyone outside the town has really got no clue who Freddy Krueger is. Freddy is trapped in his realm until we get to Halloween during the current year in New York and someone who does remember the events from Springwood – a fan of Freddy comes out dressed as his killer idol and wrecks havoc amongst trick or treaters… Just like Freddy he picks on the young, but will kill anyone who stands in his way.

At first we are dealing with a deranged copycat killer, but police have got no leads. As they research the methods used by the killer they find their way back to the occurrences in Springwood, and a media leak makes the people of New York aware of the connection. As the police have no leads, and he seems to appear and disappear without a trace rumors spread amongst the populous that Freddy Krueger, this mythical killer has come to New York and people start to once again fear the name and become scared to go to sleep. This is the fuel which Freddy needed to be awakened and break out once again from his realm.

Freddy finds his way to New York and specifically to the copycat and comes to him in his sleep. Rather than killing the copycat the two decide to work in tandem to inflict the maximum damage in the population. They want people to fear the name Freddy Krueger and they want them to sing their nursery rhymes once again.

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.

Three, four, Better lock your door

Five, six, grab a crucifix.

Seven, eight, Gonna stay up late.

Nine, ten, Never sleep again

But this time they want those lyrics to be slightly different – they don’t want people to just fear the name in their sleep, they want the population of New York, no matter who they are, to fear the name Freddy Kruger no matter where they are or what they are doing… Nine, ten, Never be safe again!

To maximise the kill count, to increase the level of suspense and let the pair become more efficient as a team, and let them come up with the most ingenious ways to kill their victims, this would work best as a TV show, and wouldn’t it be cool, if, outside the trick or treat massacre when he’s wearing a mask, Robert Englund didn’t play Freddy Krueger, but instead played the copycat and a new Freddy comes in as Englund passes the mantle.

And of course we know that what brings butts to seats in front of TV screens these days (whether its horror fans or not), is sex & nudity, violence and bad language… Nightmare on Elm Street has always had plenty of time and space for all of these, and with a modern viewing audience and a decent budget as is often these days awarded to TV shows for HBO release, the sky’s the limit as to how depraved they could get!

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