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Nerd News: Kid Robot MechaGodzilla Out Now!

As of yesterday a new MechaGodzilla range hit the KidRobot online store in 3 different variations to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the character. These have been designed in partnership with Toho Studios, and whilst they went on sale yesterday they were debuted at San Diego Comic Con this year, so you may have seen them before. All 3 are 8″ high and whilst they are based on the same basic design, you’ll see that each bring something different and special to the table:

MechaGodzilla Phunny Plush

This plush version retails at $14.99

MechaGodzilla Art Figure

This vinyl version retails at $75

MechaGOLDzilla Art Figure

This is probably the coolest of the bunch and this vinyl (which is limited to 250 pieces in this colour) retails at $75 as well.

Check out these as well as a number of pieces of clothing from the same range at their website, before they’re gone!

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