Die Hard 2 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is the second installment of the action franchise which spans 5 films in total (although if you ask some of the more hardcore fans, they’ll tell you that there are just 3 films, or 4 at a push), and it’s much the same ass kicking greatness as you would have seen in the first film. You can watch this film as a stand alone movie if you ask me although having seen the first film does give you all the back story as to why we’re once again with John McClane, the New York cop who just doesn’t play to every one else’s rules and why he’s at an airport at Christmas.

Yep that’s right… How much bad stuff can happen to not just one person, but one couple at Christmas… 2 years in a row – really? But it’s ok, we’ll forgive the writers, because what follows is everything we loved about the first film including smashed glass, smoking in public places, ridiculous stunts, plenty of blood & violence, tons of swearing and explosions. In fact this film has more explosions than the first. Come to think about it, I think the number of explosions increases with just about every Die Hard movie!

The story is much the same as the first to be honest with just a few differences in how it’s executed. Once again there is a hostage situation which John McClane’s wife, Holly is mixed up in. Although this time rather than being on top of a sky scraper, they’re still at altitude but in airplanes instead which the head of the terrorist organisation threatens to crash after hijacking the tower at Dulles airport in Washington. Although this time the terrorists aren’t after cash, they want the South American president and narco, Ramon Esperanza freed from US custody.

Just like last time, John get’s involved even though the local police have no interest in having him there (because quite frankly he’s an obnoxious ass hat – but that’s why we LOVE him), yet he continues to poke his nose, head, body and bullets in anyway. The movie is full of action and tension, but it’s John attitude towards the public, the terrorists and his fellow officers, which help to make this movie something special… Something to stand out from the crowd… A Die Hard movie!

Since the last movie they really have taken a winning formula and ramped it up ten fold by adding the fun of airplanes, jet fuel powered explosions and taking the confrontation which previously occurred between John and the head of the local police operation over radio, and putting the 2 of them in the same building, and sometimes room. John McClane is the same wise cracking smart ass as before, with the same level of wit and seeming super hero determination, which only Bruce Willis could have played.

Watch the first movie if you haven’t seen it, but it that’s simply not an option, don’t let it put you off seeing this gem of a film. And don’t listen to what anyone (including Bruce Willis) says… This is absolutely a Christmas movie, and we watching at least the first 3 Die hard movies religiously on Christmas.

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