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Nerd News: A Couple of new NECA Alien & Predator Figures Ship Today

NECA announced that November would see a number of new figures released in their Alien and Predator ranges to follow on from the ultimate Alien dog figure which was released on the 11th. And they’re really cool – they certainly pay the 40th anniversary of Alien justice.

The first is even classed as a 40th Anniversary edition of the xenomorph with a huge 22″ 1/4 scale version of Big Chap. This is a huge figure, and they’ve still kept his level of articulation really impressive. It has over 30 points of articulation including a hinged jaw.

The other figures are inspired by the figures of the 90’s and boy does it show! They definately have the right style, along with being just over 5″ tall, giving them a totally different look to Big Chap. There’s a berserker predator figure with a removable helmet and a special effect for his shoulder canon, along with a second figure of the Neomorph which comes with a baby version as well. The neomorph is such a creepy version of the Giger alien, and this figure does it justice!

Order yours via their official site:

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