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10 Best Nerdy Christmas Jumpers on Zavvi

If you refuse to wear a Christmas jumper at Christmas, pull that stick out of your butt and get some festive cheer in your life! You wouldn’t wear most of these for the majority of the year, but Christmas is a little slice of the calendar where you can get away with looking like a bit of a tool. So get a Christmas jumper in your life, and make sure it’s one which suits your nerdy life style!

1 – Official Playstation Symbols Christmas Jumper


Available in blue or pink.

2 – Jurassic Park Christmas Jumper


3 – Superman Christmas Jumper


4 – Thanos Christmas Jumper


5 – Deadpool Christmas Jumper


6 – Fallout “Happy Holidays” Christmas Jumper


7 – Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Jumper


8 – Batman Christmas Jumper


9 – Rick & Morty Christmas Jumper


10 – Adventure Time Christmas Jumper


All these prices were correct at the time of writing this. I compiled this list myself without payment, but if you appreciate the help and want to buy any, use the links on the images and I’ll get a small commission.

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